HID Shortcut IR Remote Control
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12 Keys Trainer Remote and Receiver
  • Plug and Play on any Windows 10 PC. Will also work with Windows 7. Mac version coming soon
  • No Drivers are needed, Just plug it in, start your Zoom meeting and go.
    Plug in several cameras and switch between them with the press of one button.
  • Press the Screenshot button to capture the current window, and current screen to a file and to the clipboard at the same time. Press Screenshot button quickly to catch several shots quickly.
  • Infrared Receiver and remote control will not interfere with same system in other rooms. No need to pair another remote control if you purchase other models with other features. Just install the batteries and go.
  • Switch between gallery and speaker view instantly. Go from full screen to window view with the press of one key (Computer will beep with the pressing of some keys when not in full screen more). This is the way the current Zoom app works.
  • Record and pause your meetings if you are the Host of if it is allowed by the host. Pause or resume recordings. Stop recordings by pressing record button again.
  • Page up and down to see all the participants with two keys
    If you add a hub and several cameras you can have side views, back views,
  • Views of black boards if you are a teacher and more. Use the switch camera button to step through the cameras that are recognized by the Zoom app
  • The "Page Up/Down" and the "Screenshot" buttons should work with any program. All other keys should only be pressed when Zoom is the current program.

  • Zoom HID Shortcut IR Remote Control for Trainers and Teachers and participants.

  • Featuring Instant Screenshot

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