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Infrared Remote control and remote control receivers for any application, Infrared remote relays, Learning, Fixed code, Universal and PC programmable remote, receivers or decoders, Relay units, PC infrared learning and transmitting module, control software, electronic engineering and hardware design. Manufacturing over seas and in the United States
lead-free , RoHS compliant remote controls available
Complete Remote Control Product List
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Infrared Receiver Kit
Din Rail Relay
12Keys HID Remote
USB Receiver
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Metal Remote Control
33Key Metal Remote
33 Key
33 Rubber Keypad Slim Remote
10 Key off the shelf Remote Control

33Key Credit Style Remote

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  PowerPoint IR Remote Kit
4 Relay and Remote
18 Keys Metal Slim Remote
New Slim Style Credit Card Remote
4 Relay receiver with 4 key Infrared remote

PowerPoint Infrared Receiver Kit

with 4 Key Metal Infrared Remote

8 remote control relay8relay-7000
Mini Receiver
Available Now  


Many relay products available not shown on web site, Please contact us for details
Transmitter IC with Free Customer ID
Decoder Product
8 Pin infrared Decoder with Serial Output
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