12 Amp 8 Relay infrared remote control receiver

12 amp 8 Relay Infrared Remote Control Receiver - DPDT
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  • External Sensor via a small screw terminal or RJ11 Jack
  • Small footprint 5 " X 4 7/8
  • 8 normally open and normally close contact
  • Powered: 12 volts DC 300 ma - 24 v DC input available
  • Led Receive indicator - LED Power indicator, 8 relay status LED
  • Contact rating: 12amp
  • Normally off the self without case
  • Available in water proof case
  • Can be mounted in or on the controlled unit
  • All relays are momentary , also available with toggle of any relay
  • Only one relay can be closed at the same time on the momentary model
  • Several hand remotes to choose from including the CIR2A2 remotes or IRSI-04-08 8 buttons remote.
  • Can be special ordered for 5 volts DC operation.
  • All relays are single pole double throw
  • Build in infrared sensor
  • Can be order addressable so more than one unit can be in the same location

  • Any where a relay contact is needed (up to 12 amp)
  • Home automation applications
  • Auto ( up to 12 amp)
  • Garage doors (inside only)
  • Factory control
8 Relay Spec Sheet


Remotes Available

8 Key Remote

Also Available with Cir2A2 10 key remote
Water proff Enclosure for 8 Relay Available
Download 8 Relay User Instruction
External Decoder
Also available are 4, 10, 13, and 16 relay versions.
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